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Brent Crabtree // CEO // Founder of Connectshare

What I love about Connectshare events every month is that it is not just people coming together to share connections, it’s that members all come together for the same reason. Every single member comes because they share something. They have similar values and similar beliefs. That’s the reason they show up. In some cases they don’t know each other, but they know something about each other.
They know that everyone in the room has a giving nature about them. They know that every month when they come to a Connectshare event that they are going to be surrounded by others that truly want to help them to grow their business. They know that everyone sitting at their table believes in them. A Connectshare member’s whole purpose for being at the event is to serve and help the others at their table.
Now for that to happen one word needs to be a big part of what they believe, that word is TRUST. Seven years ago when I was forming Connectshare from an idea to a reality, TRUST was the word that came to my mind over and over again. We live in a society that has very little trust… and it’s not getting any better. If there was a “why” as to why I started Connectshare, it is to bring back the very foundations of TRUST.
At a Connectshare event, members are surrounded by 5 or 6 other business leaders. They are going to spend an entire morning together as a team. The team is dependent on each other over a 30 day period (and beyond) to build relationships of trust with each other. Each team member has to have the other team members’ best interest at heart. The mindset is “how can we help each other” verses “what can we get from each other”. Transforming the economics of the experience they have is highly dependent on the speed by which they can gain trust in each other. High levels of trust will result in faster collaboration. Each member wants the economics of what they experience at an event to result in business and relationships happening faster.
The lack of trust is going to destroy our society, but real trust and the speed at which we show it, can and will transform our society and ultimately our world. Connectshare is all about transforming our world into what we all deep down want it to be. We believe six people around a table at a Connectshare event, is a start to that transformation. Trusting a team each month, respecting their needs, reaching out and doing something that truly impacts their life and their business is really what it’s all about. We invite you to come and be on a team that only has your best interest at heart. Trust them. They want to help you grow your business. Serve them. They want to serve you. You will develop meaningful relationships of trust and mutual respect. Come having no expectations and you will find that when you do good, good will come back to you in some way.