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ConnectShare Membership

Membership Details

Membership provides Business Leaders with the format and tools required to effectively share connections and accelerate new business relationships quickly.

Membership participation includes a monthly event and team re-connect. Each event provides members with ample opportunities to share connections and build new relationships with a focused team environment.

After becoming acquainted with each team member at the event (5 individuals), the team will re-connect two weeks later to share connections and solutions with each other. This is where the magic of ConnectShare really takes place.

Membership also includes training on the unique system, culture and relationship building processes ConnectShare offers.

ConnectShare Membership requires that participants be owners, partners, senior level management or participate in the decision-making process of their company.


12 monthly ConnectShare Events

Monthly 3 hours event with mix and mingle afterwards

12 monthly Team Re-connects

Monthly re-connect with event team two weeks after event

Event Speed Connect

Exclusive opportunity to poll entire membership with a connection need with instant results